Seminar Package

Dr. Raffy offers a one day workshop/seminar on the basics of duck raising and the different duck products for only P6,000 per session. The workshop is open for individuals or groups. The price quoted is for the whole day’s session and not per person (unless only one person availed the workshop).    Please reserve a weekend (either Saturday or Sunday) at least one week before the preferred schedule. The workshop is conducted at Cadiz Duck Farm, Victoria, Laguna.


  • bottled water
  • light snack
  • lunch
  • duck farm tour
  • visit to other duck farm
  • handouts

For those coming from far places, we can arrange an accommodation in a decent inn/room. Kindly inform us ahead of time.

The general outline of the workshop is as follows:


  1. Advantages of having  a duck farm
  2. Self-assessment and goal checking
  3. Basics of duck farming
    1. Land area
    2. Location
    3. Building
    4. Ducks
    5. Man-power
    6. Food supply
    7. Water/Electric Supply
    8. Government requirements
    9. Others
  4. Duck products (meat, eggs, fertilizer etc)
  5. Return of Investment (Money matters)
  6. Marketing
  7. Open Discussion

Duck raising is a good agribusiness to get into. However, first timers might need some considerable time before getting a good grasp of the many essential points to know in managing a successful duck farm.

Dr. Raffy learned the hard way, not only by doing his assignment—interviewing different duck raisers, immersing in duck farms, and researching in the library—but also by years of experience. He experienced the good times and the hard times which made him more astute in his decisions and managerial skills. He even made his own feasibility study to further evaluate the possibility of having a thriving duck farm.

Having a duck farm is an investment which needs proper tending and dedication. It is difficult to just plunge in the industry without any understanding of ducks and the duck market. It is ideal to get an overview and actual visit to a duck farm to have an idea on how it is operated. For more information, please get in touch with us or fill out our contact form.



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