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One of the trickiest things to decide on when putting up a duck farm is to find a good location. A duck farm should be placed within considerable distance from residential areas. As we know, people may be annoyed but the constant quacking of ducks which others perceive as noise. On the other hand, ducks are also very much affected by noise, pollution, and frequent disruption by humans. Bulabog is one of the things we want to avoid because it may result to poor egg production.

Victoria, Laguna is one ideal place to set up a duck farm. It has vast lands and easy access to shellfish or suso, thanks to its proximity to Laguna de Bay.  Our farm is situated away from the residential areas. In fact, surrounding it are empty lots. We have four buildings housing our ducks. These buildings have ample ventilation and elevation to keep our ducks in tip-top shape for laying eggs.

Our farm is simple yet fits the needs of our ducks. It has good irrigation, clean water supply, rice husks (to keep the ducks’ area from being muddy), secured fences, and able-bodied staff to help manage the poultry.

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How to get there:

From South Luzon Expressway, turn right to Calamba exit and follow the main road (National Highway) up to Victoria. It is basically a straight path. You’ll see a welcome arc upon entering Victoria. If you’re still in doubt, just look for the giant duck statues a few meters from the arc. Follow the main road until you see a gas station (PETRON) to your left and a sign that says, “Victoria Poblacion”. There are a lot of tricycles in that corner, you won’t miss it. Turn left.

Off the beaten track going to our farm

The road is narrower compared to the main road but is nicely paved. Continue driving, just follow the path. If you see big blue pots with duck designs on either side of the road, you are on the right track. To your right, you’ll pass by a cemetery. To your left, you’ll pass by an elementary school. Slow down once you’ve seen the elementary school. Turn right if you see a small bank in a corner. When in doubt, ask for the Victoria-Pila Road. A few meters from the corner where you turned right, there is an unpaved path to your right. Go there and drive straight. (The road is a little bumpy). To your right, you’ll see a red gate with the sign “Cadiz Duck Farm”. Pat yourself on the back. You’ve made it.

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