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Rafael Cadiz, PhD is the head of a modest family business, Cadiz Duck Farm. He has been in the duck farming industry for almost three decades and has built a very good reputation in the industry for his trustworthiness and consistency.

It started in 1983, when he realized that working as a regular employee won’t suffice for his growing family. It piqued his interest in pursuing agribusiness. At that time, he didn’t have any former training or past experience in managing a farm. He himself underwent grueling months of research and actual duck farm visits in various provinces. He also interviewed other agribusiness managers before he was able to make his own feasibility study. In more than twenty years, he had lost some, and had gained some; but definitely, he has learned the tricks of the trade with his own personal experiences.

Now, Cadiz Duck Farm still holds it ground as one of the known duck farm in the area. Dr. Cadiz is also holding training lectures for those who want to know more about the business of duck raising. Surely, his years of hands-on experience and technical know-hows are priceless wisdom which others may also come to know through his seminars.



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You'll know you're already in Victoria, Laguna when you see the giant duck statues. It marks the town's primary industry.

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VICTORIA, LAGUNA The Duck Raising Capital of the Philippines Victoria is an optimized location for duck raising. Owing to its proximity to Laguna de Bay, ducks are readily supplied with darak, shellfish, and snails. In the face of urbanization, Victoria still has vast lands suitable for ducks to thrive undisturbed by bustling people and noisy …

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